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NC so far

Sunday night I got in, and went to hang out with whc and dmk and her her mom, their roommate, their cat, the foster cat, and an extra bonus person (whose action figure apparently comes with a flotilla of iMacs). Yummy ice cream too.

Monday was the first day of training (at the IBM facility, learning about their swoopy new Cell processor). I had breakfast at the Waffle House near the hotel and then punched IBM's address into the nav computer. Unfortunately, it led me to the wrong 3039 Cornwallis Road, whereupon I had a 35km journey through downtown Chapel Hill during rush hour to the right place. I'd gotten an email stating that class started at 8-9AM, along with a promise of more specific information (which, of course, never happened). It was about 8:30 when I got there, and I really hoped I hadn't missed the beginning of class, as I'd need an escort just to get into the correct building. As it happened, I was there in plenty of time, but I was a bit worried when neither of my two contacts was available.

Monday night I ventured out for Thai food at a surreal local joint (Sawasdee). One of the local reviews said it would be place Austin Powers would eat. Randomly shaped and painted tables, nice comfortable low chairs, odd pictures, knickknacks, and lighting.

Tuesday in class, I found a subtle bug in the code they were using to illustrate interprocesser communication. "do not send when the mailbox is not empty" is not equivalent to "send when the mailbox is not full". In another place, they had commented out a printf() statement that was the body of a while() loop, making it loop on the load-the-mailbox code, with the effect that the code would send until the mailbox *was* full.

Tuesday night, I went and hung out with ymasen and labrown. We went to Crazy Fire and had much yummy Mongolian food (complete with noodles and water chestnuts and various other goodies I don't usually get to have in Mongolian joints). Extremely attentive waitress who really seemed to want to keep refilling our glasses. Then we went back to their place and hung out. I didn't really make good on my offer to help unpack, but I did break down some boxes and restack some stuff to useful effect. Then we watched TV and I monopolized the cat. Listening to labrown's exclamations at Vanessa Angel's increasingly improbable and provocative outfits in Kingpin.


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