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2 social events in one day!

Yesterday, I got a slow start but managed not to be the last to arrive to heptadecagram and leiacat's puzzle party. It was a fun time, good crowd, pretty intense puzzles. Several times, I realized belatedly that I had guessed wrong as to which puzzles to attack. Got to hang out with a bunch of cool people (including some I hadn't before met).

Then I went back west on I-70 to an art fest in Harper's Ferry that liritsvoice told me about. Had fun watching kids play with a "dunk tank" that was really a water balloon burster, listening to live music (at one point, a 3 year old kid clambered up onto the stool and sang a couple of numbers). Then came the firespinning, which I always enjoy. Come on, music, dancing, and fire? All at once? What's not to like? Unfortunately, liritsvoice didn't make it out there, so I didn't get to see her, but it was fun anyway, and a much shorter drive home that most things I go to.

Tonight, I'm flying down to RDU for training, I'll be there all week. No particular plans as of yet, but a few people (hi dmk!) have expressed interest in hanging out. I'll be staying at the Doubletree (unless the money people get snippy, in which case I'll probably end up at the Extended Stay America), and I will have wheels and the nav computer.


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