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Where have I been?

Along about the middle of March, a bunch of us went to the Philly flower show. There were several rounds of hotel problems, which apparently led to me finally catching the cold o' doom that was going around. It took me nearly two weeks to get over it.

At about that time, I got chosen for a contract out in New Carrollton, which meant I was getting up earlier than I'm designed for, and commuting 2+ hours each way. So I still didn't have energy for a social life or LJ.

Luckily, fizzygeek and I had already planned a vacation. We got really good rates out to Las Vegas, so we decided to fly out there and meet her parents. From there, she and her parents were going to Arizona and Mexico. I, however, found yet another good airfare (and an offer of free crash space from sionnagh, so I continued west and south to Hawai'i!

When we left Virginia, it was below freezing at night. In Vegas, it was mid-60s, windy, and dry. Here, it's in the 70s and 80s and sunny! It is also beautiful here. Here are the views from sionnagh's lanai:
view out from the lanai
Looking out
view to the left from the lanai
To the left
to the right from the lanai
To the right (that's the ocean!)
mimosa pudica
Out walking around, I saw a cute baby mimosa in bloom and wondered if it was actually the sensitive variety.
mimosa pudica (folded)
Yup! It was!
art boat
I found this odd little art boat on Ala Moana boulevard.
The rumours that I've been seeing cute redheads are true (this is what the cardinals look like here).

When I got here, I went swimming. A great way to get the stiffness of a 6-hour flight out of the muscles. Yesterday, I visited our corporate offices (we have an office in Honolulu), went parasailing
This isn't me, just a pic I took of some other people parasailing. And a nice example of what can be done with an 8x monocular screwed into a digicam with a 3x zoom. , and went shopping at a wonderfully bizarre antiques store run by a very interesting fellow who firmly believes most things are thrown away when they still have some use (although not always their original one). I found something there I thought chelona would like, so I bought it for her.


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