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Memorable friends' quotes meme

Ganked from sagesaria
  1. "It's not the hunting of houses that's the hard part. The hard part is the gutting, cleaning, and butchering." — feste_sylvain
  2. "`Yet' causes a lot of trouble for a word with only three letters. It leads tocatastrophe, which has many more letters but is still bad." — chesuli
  3. "If you really know what you were doing, you'd be bored with it by now." — marmota
  4. "Parents. You can't live with 'em, you can't be alive without 'em." — aliza250
  5. "Better communication through... communicating?!" — dianec42
  6. "If you're not at least a little bit confused, then you probably don't really know what is really going on." — blackfeather
  7. "Don't press the <break> key." "Why not?" "You'll break it..." — cz_unit
  8. "What do you get when you play NewAge music backwards? MORE NewAge music!" — marmota
  9. "I need a saw to make my bed." — frobzwiththingz
  10. "You can rent a sledgehammer in Atlanta for $4 per night. You can rent a car Harvard Square for $8 per night. A car is worth two sledghammers." — frobzwiththingz
  11. "Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery." — feste_sylvain
  12. "Smile and the world smiles with you ... but if you giggle quietly to yourself,they'll leave you alone." — marmota
  13. "It's not that he's not all there. He's just not here." — maugorn
  14. "What if there were no hypothetical situations?" — jbsegal
  15. "But the important thing is, I'm not bitter." &mdash awfief "Right. I could dunk you in hot water and make beer for the rest of my life." — dr_memory
  16. "I can't say whether I'd rather have true love or a cross-section of a dachshund, but I wouldn't want to eat either one." — merde
  17. "But then again, I never said I was nice! [Standard line #1]" — dglenn
  18. "And for those of more modest financial means, we have the American Express Lead card. It doesn't let you leave home!" &mdash jim_p
  19. "As soon as they repeal the euthanasia laws, you're TOAST!" — marq
  20. "We also serve who turn and run." — tb
  21. "It's really disappointing when you finally confront that thing with tentacles that lurks in the bottom of your soul, and instead of Cthulhu, it turns out to be just a glow-in-the-dark rubber squid from Archie McPhee." — tb
  22. "Death before dishonor, but neither before breakfast." — tb
  23. "Don't dance with me! I'm radioactive!" — maugorn
  24. "Humans are so complex. I should stick to fish." — anusara
  25. "I am not a number. I am a free floating variable. As opposed to a tied down variable. Though that could be a lot more fun." — chesuli
  26. "I depend on the cluefulness of strangers." — rmd
  27. "Buttons are just two-dimensional ben-wa balls." — kimberlogic
  28. "I don't want the world, I just want your half." — kjc
  29. "If you put instant coffee into the microwave, you travel into the future, right? Well, i figure if you photocopy a mirror, you can go into the past..." — kjc
  30. "My life? *This* is my life? ... Didn't I order a salad with this?" — kjc
  31. "It is better to live happily in risk, than depressed in safety." — tcb
  32. "You are like a Chinese lantern: cheap, but mystical." — skipernicus
  33. "That's not scary. What's scary is what one can do with a gallon of bleach, a frozen burrito, some string or wire, a butane lighter, aspirin, match-heads, a box of latex condoms, and a bottle of SPF 18 sunblock." — rizbone
  34. "Maidenform C++ -- combines the power of assembly language with the flexibilityof underwire!" — lothie
  35. "You mean he's never taken CALCULUS...and you've SLEPT with him?!" — lyonesse
  36. "*ring ring* `I am Clueless User of Borg. Why can't I assimilate?' 1Bad user! No biscuit!' *click*" — scooterbird
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