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10 things I've done that most people probably haven't

  1. Drove a 600hp racecar around a closed track.

  2. Was standing around outdoors 70 miles from a nuclear detonation.

  3. Modified a historic landmark for a motion picture.

  4. Made someone quit smoking before I was born.

  5. Watched Apollo 13 launch.

  6. Scared a bus into making an illegal U-turn on ice to go the wrong way to avoid me.

  7. Posted a picture of the inside of my bladder on the web.

  8. Got my nipple tweaked by Claudia Christian. On two separate occasions.

  9. I have a jet engine in my storage locker.

  10. Modified a very expensive computer with a stone (obsidian, actually) knife.


  • Seen a plane crash.

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