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I went shopping on Saturday, and ended up in a used book store (yeah, big surprise). I got to chatting with the cashier (sokmunky), who had read about the hot foods party on LJ, but didn't really know roozle or sunspiral well enough to just show up. It occurred to me to just invite her, but I wasn't exactly sure myself what the invite rules were. I found out later that I totally should have, oops!

There was the usual logistical snafu hooking up with awfief after her rehearsal, so we just missed each other and she headed on home to await my call. Otherwise, I might have thought to snag my luggage against the possibility I might want to crash at the party. Ah well.

The party was a total blast, but got too loud for me to enjoy (there was an amusing, if annoying incident where I was trying to tell cgull_ that it was too loud for our respective hearing abilities, but he couldn't hear me), so I went up to folzgold's room where he and a few of his friends were hanging out, and it was much quieter and more relaxed. Later, I floated over to another room, met more people and had a nice chat with quietann.

When the party wound down some, I ventured back downstairs and got to have several nice conversations with various existing and new friends. Eventually awfief and her sweetie ran down, so I went back home with them.

Party quotes:

"Basically mold with habañero peppers." (later turned out to be a discussion about cider, which was mulled with habs)

cgull_ was trying to tell me something, but all I got was "Your microclimate is too warm, [garbled] vibrator!"

"Let's see who's in there — oh, they are."

"We were talking about boobs earlier — I'm a connoisseur!" — Tony

"I'm not a sex object, I'm a sex subject!" — Sami

(apparent reference to an earlier conversation) "...pendulous breasts" "Penn Jilette's breasts???"

"I have to say `You look like my minister' isn't something you expect to say to young hot redheads!"


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