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Boston again

I came to Boston again for the hot foods party.

The flight up was delayed (ground hold due to traffic backup at Logan), so we parked in the penalty box by the end of the runway for about a half hour. The pilot said we could use our electronic devices, so I fired up the digital camera and snapped pictures of the planes landing and taking off. This was more interesting than usual, due to a strong gusty crosswind. The takeoff was fun, as the pilot tried to keep everything in synch as the already uneven wind had a progressively greater effect on our path.

We made up the time on the way north, flying more or less directly instead of zigzagging over each intermediate navigational fix, the pilot announced we were over Providence and should be landing shortly, and on time. But then we made a right turn, which made me guess there was another delay. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, the pilot apologized, explained that we'd had to circle out, and were over Providence (again). The approach was a real circus, as there was an even more severe gusty wind in Boston. The pilots were doing everything, pitch, roll, yaw, throttle, flaps, spoilers. At once, it seemed. Large throttle shifts back and forth from a full roar to a minimum thrust whisper. Pulled off a nice solid landing, too

Next task was to link up with awfief, at whose house I'd be staying.

Since I was getting in Friday afternoon, we decided it would work best for me to take the T out to Davis Square and she'd meet me there. So I headed out to Davis and up the stairs. Hmm, there are two exits. I'll see which one goes to a pickup area. It turns out they're on opposite sides of a bizarre meeting of several different roads with a little park area off to one side. Several likely places to pick people up. There was no way to visually cover all of them, so I selected a perch with a commanding view of the 3 busiest roads and commenced peering into passing cars, and spinning around every time someone honked. I'm quite aware that there are some areas I can't watch, but figure my best bet is to hang around in a very visible spot instead of wander all over. After about 45 minutes of this, I'm freezing, so I elect to make a tour of the station on the off chance she's either waiting inside somewhere, and to check other possible meeting areas. Oh, and to get out of the cold. No joy there, so I hang around at a few spots and then return to my original lookout. I don't have a portable cellphone (mine's pretty much installed into my car), and don't know if awfief has one. I resolve to stick it out until an hour after we'd said we'd meet, and then start alternate plans. Another 40 minutes later, the time comes and I head off to start making calls. Immediately, a disreputable guy wants me to buy him liquor. I shake him off and go inside.

Before I left, I had realized I didn't have awfief's number, the only one I had was her sweetie's cellphone number for me to reach her during Arisia (but that meeting was snowed out). I pulled up a party invite she'd put out, and lifted her home number from the directions page. So I had that number. I called it, hoping she or one of her roommates would be home, and maybe have more information. Got an answering machine, and left a short message explaining where I was. It occurred to me that maybe there had been more useful information in the email she'd sent me, so I fired up the laptop to see. It turns out I hadn't downloaded my work email recently, and didn't have that message, but I was receiving a wireless signal. But it was weak and sporadic, and I wasn't having much luck with it. So I whipped out my wireless detector and went walkabout. I plonked myself down where I'd found a decent signal and tried again. I figured I'd get on AIM and see if I could find any local people who could get me contact info or a ride. And maybe download my mail. I'm just getting set up when I hear my name called. It turns out they'd been hanging out in Diesel, figuring I'd call her cellphone when I showed up. When it got late, they also got on the internet and started asking around on IRC. I hadn't even known Diesel was near by, or I might have gone there myself.

In any case, we found each other, had yummy food at Mary Chung's, then came home and played Apples to Apples until bedtime. Now I'm curled up on the fold-out couch with the laptop, the cat, and a book.

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