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law enforcement drill next door

I was leaving the house a couple of weeks ago, and notice a police car by the house under construction down the street. I was curious, but didn't think much of it. Then when I got into my car, the police car moved to block my way. So I got out to see what was up. It turns out that the house next door, which will eventually be demolished, was going to be used for a law enforcement exercise.

fizzygeek and I were a little worried by this, so I elected to stay home the next day and keep an eye on things.

They showed up midmorning or so, in their urban assault vehicle, a van, and several sherriff's cars. The apparent scenario was there were people in the house that needed to be extracted. They ran this several times, with and without hostages.

They were going for surprise, so they had a bunch of people sneaking around trying to get close to the house without being seen.

Then they'd toss a flash grenade (sometimes outside, sometimes through a window), then charge the place.

Just like on TV, they'd make people lie down and cover them.

Sometimes they'd cover the exits in case someone tried to get out that way.

I probably made them somewhat nervous, peering out the windows of my house from various vantage points and taking pictures. They had warned me not to come out, lest I be mistaken for someone in the exercise and taken down.

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Naturally, they had their own person monitoring and photographing as well. It was pretty interesting, after each exercise, there would be a long pause while they presumably analyzed their performance and got ready for the next round. The cat didn't like the explosives much, but was otherwise fairly curious about the goings-on.

They trashed the poor house fairly thoroughly (fizzygeek and I toured it before and after the exercise), which was kind of sad to watch, but the training is a good idea and they have to practice somewhere.

One pair of guys were like Wayne and Garth playing sherriff, I'd overhear them radioing in reports like "Shots fired." "Yeah, shots fired." I kept expecting to hear things like "game on" or "dude".

An interesting and somewhat surreal day.

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