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Movie quotes, with two twists

Okay, everybody else is doing it, so I'll also have a round of "guess the movie from the quote". However, there are two wrinkles. One is that I'm making it trickier[1] by giving inexact quotes. The other is that the first quote I don't know what it's from, I'm hoping someone can tell me! #13 of the rest was also rattling around in my head, unidentified for a while, until I finally got it. A couple of these are easy. Most of them, aren't. However, I'm not trying to be intentionally obscure (i.e. no Candleshoe quotes).

Bonus quote:
"I don't have ... one of those." "That's okay, cash will do just fine"
(or something to that effect)

fizzygeek, you guessing wouldn't be entirely fair. And merde and maugorn might have somewhat unfair advantages as well.

  1. "The secret is to blend, blend, blend." deza
  2. "Life's too short. And so are you."
  3. "How tall was King Kong?"
  4. "Just what we need. A boy with a bug in a beer can."
  5. "An angel doesn't make love. An angel is love." dawn_guy
  6. "Miss Liberty stands for freedom and justice for naked women everywhere."
  7. "Soda and pop rocks? No, dude, lethal combo!"
  8. "Okay, you pleasure me, then I give you the transfunctioner, then you pleasure him." divinerose
  9. "We can fix it. My dad has a totally gnarly set of tools." bikergeek
  10. "That's horrible! That's really terrible! I love it!"
  11. "Hi, I'm Prince Precious." dawn_guy
  12. "What are you trying to do?" "I'm trying to get you into bed!" "Then try something else!"
  13. "It's small." "It's supposed to be small."
  14. "A British bank is run with precision. A British home demands nothing less." deza
  15. "The Blue Star! Doo-wah!" tacnukesoul
  16. "He looks like the karate kid, and he dresses like Elvis Costello!" donnad
  17. "That's not a board, that's a pier!"
  18. "You like me because I'm a scoundel." deza
  19. "I love my husband. His heart is surrounded by fat."
  20. "I'll need an unlimited supply of Xena tapes and hot pockets." chesuli
  21. "He's speaking the international language. Lead."

[1] Okay, I'm too lazy to check them. The quotes are from memory.

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