Spam (madbodger) wrote,

Another California experience

Back when I was out in San Diego for work,
after experiencing an earthquake on the previous visit,
I went back to my hotel one night, only to find myself on a movie set.
A little sleuthing revealed what they were filming:

A Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story

(airing Friday, 2/13 on USA Network -- tomorrow).

Suddenly, the lobby was decorated for Christmas, and there were all
these lights, wires, people and equipment.
I figured using a flash would be disruptive,
so I took all my pictures with available light.
I did notice that when the film crew took flash pictures,
they'd warn everybody by calling out "flash" before doing so.
Big trucks were parked in the street, with cables running into the hotel.
Most of the parking spaces were taken as well.
One of the conference rooms had been transformed into a call center,
complete with Laci posters all over the place.

In order to film daytime scenes at night,
big 12KW lights stand in for the sun shining through windows.
One of the light guys tried to give me a hard time,
pointing to a big box with wires going to it,
claiming I'd been fooling around with it.
I asked him "Now, why would I be screwing with a 20 kilowatt
phase compensator?".
He grinned sheepishly, and went to find someone else to bother.

Not only did they have some serious fill lighting set up,
but they'd replaced the bulbs in the table lamps in the lobby with
extra-bright, colour corrected bulbs (otherwise the lamp in the
right foreground would have the usual orangish tungsten cast).

Even when there's plenty of natural light available,
I suppose having fixed, known levels of illumination makes things easier,
and possibly more importantly, the "sun" doesn't move between scenes
filmed hours or days apart.


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