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What Will madbodger Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by dmk
Pair of Socks from maugorn
Bottle of Whiskey from tcb
Cd from madbodger
Something Cuddly from iamlisabee
Something Intoxicating from katann
Something Silly from vvalkyri
Something Funny from scarlettj9
Lump of coal from lothie
Something Pretty from chakaal
Something Shiny from jbsegal
Something Naughty from nadeera
Something Smelly from geekchick
Something Breakable from quietann
Something Useful from gsh
Something not useful from cgull_
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from galestorm
Livejournal account from valacious
The Make-up Bag from broken_gizmo
Stack of DVDs from john_tangent
Something Geeky from claudia_


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
Hosted at Memeland


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