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My weekend

On Friday, picked up a second tatakon (Taiko controller), and went to a multiple birthday party hosted by a friend I hadn't
seen in years. I only knew a few of the people there,
but I had a blast, met a lot of interesting and fun people, steeped in the hot tub, and winged a couple of
impromptu duets to the delight and/or horror of other tubbers. Finally headed home to my poor lonely
sweetie (who'd had a wretched week) at 5AM or so.

On Saturday, I slept a lot. Then I drove to Maryland (again), and alternated betwixt two parties. One was
the 4-in-1 birthday party, which was a lot of fun (only marred by some busybody in the complex). I
realized belatedly that it was in the building next to the one sjdr lives in. I got to see lots
of fun people I knew, meet even more fun people, and do a lot of flirting and geeking. And see the
above mentioned party host again. The other party was Madmike's going-away shindig, held just a
few miles away. A more laid-back affair, but a great environment to lie around, swap stories, flirt,
watch anime, and of course more geeking. I got home at a more reasonable time.

On Sunday, I drove to Maryland yet again, this time to do some computer and stereo configuration for
scarlettj9. Then I dashed back off to Virginia to go to fizzygeek's employer's
holiday party.


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