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I figured I'd done the being-sick thing long enough, it was time to accomplish something.

A long time ago, I had decided to cut some built-in bookshelves into the living room wall. This idea was eventually replaced with a new idea of hanging CD shelves on that wall, leaving the hole I'd cut to mock me. So, on September 12, I decided to attack that wall.

I carved away the edges of the opening to expose the studs and make it straight and level. I screwed a piece of drywall in place to cover the opening, and spackled and sanded.

Then I cut a little piece from down low, where it would get covered by the baseboard, and had some paint mixed to match. I took off all the wall plates, and masked and draped appropriately, and painted the wall.

Now a few weeks go by, as I prep the trim (primer and two coats of bright red paint fizzygeek and I picked out. A couple of weeks ago, it was ready so the next day I had some free time, I got out the tools, measured and cut the first piece, and plugged in the air compressor so I could attach it with my shiny new finish nailer. Compressor didn't start. Turned out the bellcrank was siezed, so I freed it up, lubricated everything, and tried again. Lots of noise, not much air pressure. Turns out the valve assembly was rusted. Ordered a new valve assembly and knocked off for the day.

A while later, the parts came, and the next free day I rebuilt the compressor head, replaced and retensioned the belt and fired it up. Purred like a kitten, except a secret check valve on the tank failed by leaking away all the air. Ordered a new valve and knocked off for the day.

Then I was sick for a while with an inflamed pancreas. Today, I felt better enough to attack the compressor again. Installed the new check valve, and it worked pretty well. Gleefully nailed up the board that had been waiting so that fizzygeek could see the process before she went off to work.

Today, 1:45PM. The first trim piece is up! I've cut the next piece and it's waiting to get nailed into place. Ignore the mess in the mud room.

2:20PM. Trim is done!

4:10PM. Couch is back where it belongs, shelf unit assembled, starting to load it up with laserdiscs and LPs. And the cat.

5:00PM. Shelves are fully loaded. Knocking off for the day.


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