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Hillary in '08?

I think not. Come on, people, she's a tort lawyer!
Tort lawyers are what made medicine too expensive for doctors. And
special interests puppets like the Bush administration are what made
medicine too expensive for patients. You want affordable health care?
Make health care affordable!

I saw an article recently, showing how nice it was that one person got
$5000/month in health care for a $10/month payment, and how
someone else didn't get this bonus. Guess what people, IT DOESN'T
SCALE! Insurance companies aren't charities. And you can't make
money by charging $10 and paying $5000 across the board. If
Microsoft went into this business, they'd be bankrupt in 2 weeks.

No more tort lawyers. No more special interest groups. Fie upon them
all. If awfief says we have to do something HARD
to change things, maybe I'll have to do the hardest thing there is. Maybe
I should just go ahead and run for congress. I hate politics. I'm partially
deaf. But if that's the only way to fix things, so be it.

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