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A day of wallbuilding

I went over to draakken's place to help build a retaining wall. By
the time I had gotten there, he'd already dug a trench with the big backhoe,
and moshah had also showed up to help.

So the three of us surveyed the trench (with the transit set up on the left), and
moved dirt as necessary to make the bottom of it level. Then we compacted it
with the plate compactor (little mower-looking widget on the right), and then
dumped in 6 inches of gravel. Then we levelled out the gravel and compacted
it too. Then (after some interesting exercises in physics) hauled the blocks
over and sit the first course of the wall (a most annoying process, as each
heavy block had to be level, straight, and true in every direction). Then we
added three more courses.

Believe it or not, that was a day's honest work, even with the help of big power equipment.

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