September 23rd, 2008

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LetsTalk has jumped the shark

LetsTalk is a company that used to be a dandy place to find good cell phone deals. After TheCellPhoneGuy had gone off the air, I found them to be useful and save me a considerable amount of money over the deals available directly from the cellular providers.

But no more. My old phone is beginning to wear out. The handgrips are decomposing, the paint is coming off, and it has developed a habit of failing during incoming calls. I can hear myself, but not the caller. This happened three times in a row with calls from the CEO of my company.

ayasdollz suggested a Nokia 6822, but that doesn't quite fill the bill for me. Ideally, I'd get a phone that:

  • works with my car kit (Nokia CK-7W)
  • has an antenna jack or coupler to work with my amplifier and external antenna
  • has Bluetooth
  • will operate with my computer as a modem
  • will synch with my address book
  • is extremely durable
  • supports Near Field Communication
  • has a full keyboard for IM

I don't ask for much, do I? The frontrunners were a Sidekick LX (loses on durability, external antenna support, NFC, and would need a kludge for in-car charging) and a Nokia 6131 NFC (loses on durability and full keyboard). I decided to opt for the compact 6131 NFC.

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