June 15th, 2007

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[prompted by a post by tazira and various discussions over the years with jasra, skitten, dglenn, merde, and fizzygeek]

Modern society seems to want to distance itself from the idea that humans are animals, and pretending we don't poop or sweat or reproduce. This is old news. But various recent events have given me the idea that perhaps people have narrowed their focus, and want to distance themselves from mammals in particular. The first intimations of the idea came to me while thinking about the variety of methods and reasons people use to rid themselves of their fur (on their heads, legs, and so forth). I can understand getting outré haircuts, as it's a way to express personality and it always grows back, so no permanent commitment there. And, as someone who keeps his beard trimmed, I can understand shaving (but I loathe stubble). After that, it gets to fashion and personal taste pretty fast.

One of my tried and true ways to explore ideas is to borrow a card from baronmind's deck and employ extensio ad absurdum, the practice of taking an idea to its logical (if ridiculous) conclusion.

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