December 10th, 2006

ham radio zone


As noonthirtyfive and others asked for pics of my pumpkin, I asked whimmydiddle if she had any pictures of it. Apparently chickenhat overheard, as he sent me one, thanks!

Collapse ) There was also interest in my pirate Hallowe'en costume, so here 'tis, pic taken by sionnagh:

Collapse ) And I bought an iPod! I've been getting tired of schlepping boxes of CDs around all the time to have something to listen to in the car, and having to move them all out of the way if I give anyone a ride. But now Apple is offering 8GB iPods with no moving parts. And since they're working with (PRODUCT)RED to provide funds to distribute AIDS medication to people needing it, they have a snappy looking Collapse )

Then I picked up a harmon/kardan drive+play to let me control it safely while I'm driving. This also keeps it charged and lets me tuck the iPod itself out of sight. Installing it was a little tricky, as I already have a fair bit of kit installed in my car, and at one point, the bracket I was installing covered the screws I had to tighten. Luckily, the bracket had holes in it, so I could Collapse )

While I was pulling wire, I added a cell phone amplifer switch, so I can cut in extra gain when I'm in areas with poor coverage (such as happypete's place). Combined with the roof antenna, I get pretty solid coverage now. Along with the existing two ham radios, GPS navigation rig, and so forth, the result is a somewhat formidable installation.

Collapse )

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