October 31st, 2005

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Yeah, I'm recapping the past few days out of order, deal.

On Thursday, I went to a much-delayed dinner with red_lynx. We'd been planning on this for months, but the usual stuff intervened, and it took until then. I got out of work late, then hit traffic, followed by more traffic. Metro was slow too. Finally I arrived, and she picked me up at the train station and we went for yummy Thai food. We had a nice leisurely dinner filled with conversation that wandered all over the map. It was really nice to catch up on things. We had been randomly discussing shelving options to make the best use of her tiny basement sewing room, complete with drawings. As the restaurant was closing up, she phoned agentxs to see if he'd mind if I dropped by to look at the room. It was fine with him, so we headed there. Sure enough, the room isn't very big, and is impacted with a rounded corner, washer, dryer, sink, and part of a stairway. But we came up with several useful ideas, and think it can be made into a cozy and useful space without too much time, effort, or expense.

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