January 5th, 2005


home again

We're finally back home. *whew* Our flight back was multiply delayed (WX at PHX), then they discovered that the jetway had damaged the plane, and cancelled the flight. At first, we considered going back go fizzygeek's parents for the night, but our luggage was (allegedly) already on the way to Phoenix via the flight that left while fizzygeek was waiting in line for rebooking. So we elected to take the redeye home, via Vegas instead of Phoenix (hence the Vegas post). That flight was also delayed, so we got home around 9AM this morning. Whereupon we said hi to the cat, fell over, and passed out. After several hours' sleep, some food, and a shower, we feel almost ourselves again. However, we don't really have enough energy to enjoy games night, so we'll pass this time.
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