August 22nd, 2004

angry box


I too got my housecleaning groove on. First, I consolidated all the rolled posters into one bin. Then I sorted through a large number of books and magazines, and then packed up some of the sorted ones for transit to storage. Then I went and cleared out the west end of the dining room. Then I took the entertainment system in the bedroom apart[1], and hauled the desk it had been on down to the new space in the dining room. Then I cleared out and expanded the space where the desk had been. Then I cleared off the chest of drawers in the living room, and hauled the chest of drawers up to the now expanded space where the desk had been. Then I reassembled the entertainment system onto the chest of drawers.

Now I have a space next to the (main) stereo where I can assemble the array of 13x13" cubbies in which to store the LPs and laserdiscs that are currently eating floor space in the library. But before that, I have to do the final spackle pass on the wall patch in the living room, clear away the stereo and couch, install baseboards, frame the doorway (or maybe just fill it in), and paint the wall.

[1] I had to disassemble the entertainment system in sections, in order, so as to not disturb the TiVo which was recording the stock car race for my sweetie. It's tricky pulling apart a largish stack of boxes and all their associated cables while making sure to keep track of which cables were still in use, and not disturb any of them while unravelling and restacking everything around them.

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angry box

Was that supposed to be hard?

I installed Tomcat on my laptop, fired it up, checked out a project in CVS, used ant to build a couple of war files, and deployed them. While I've used ant (a tiny bit) and CVS (a fair bit) before, this is my first encounter with things like Tomcat and war files. I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain involved.

Now to build a Solaris package that installs Tomcat, my SQL, and deploys our war files automagically.

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