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I am a problem solver

I like to think, figure things out, be creative, and find solutions to things. When someone comes to me and says "I have a problem", I tend to say "Yo, I'll solve it, check out the beat while the DJ revolves it!". Actually that's what Vanilla Ice says. I would never say that.

However, I do tend to treat most problems as exercises in optimization. This can cause grief when someone brings me a problem, and doesn't want an analytical solution. I'm quite willing and able to lend a strong back, ear, shoulder, or just be comforting -- however, you have to tell me that this is what you want. Otherwise, I tend to assume anyone bringing me a problem wants me to figure out an answer. Then I get confused and unhappy when they're not pleased with me.

There are also some people who seem to expect me to just up and say "Ah, I'll write a cheque and make the whole thing go away." This seems a little presumptuous in many cases. Just sayin'.

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