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A really nice sugar rush

The folks at Turkey Hill came up with a truly wonderful flavour for us sugar lovers.
It's ice cream with bits of cake in it, giving a wonderful array of textures, colours, and sugary bits. Unfortunately, it isn't one of their standard flavours. The first time fizzygeek bought me some, I was enthralled. Then there wasn't any more. We'd go shopping, or she'd ask me if I wanted her to pick up anything for me, and I'm chirp "Partycake!"

This went on for quite some time, and it rather irritated her that she couldn't get me what I wanted. Then we were out shopping in Winchester, and I made my usual little "Partycake!" exclamation, and she gave me The Look, then realized I was pointing out some that was actually for sale!

More months went by, and then some more turned up!

So, everybody go out and buy lots of Party Cake ice cream, so the Turkey Hill folks will be motivated to keep making it! And if Ben & Jerry's ever does another batch of Festivus, buy plenty of that too.

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