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Found a new digital camera

I'd been looking for a carry-around camera, something small and lightweight that would survive being carried around in a pocket with car keys and such, and be available any time I wanted a picture.

I'd gotten tired of missing opportunities because I didn't have a camera handy, and my current digital camera is too bulky and expensive to have with me all the time.

I wanted something with positive lense protection, like the old Minox cameras. I looked around some, and found some nice units that were too expensive, and some cheap units that were too flimsy.

What I needed to do was see if Minox made digital cameras!

Yep, they do. It showed up yesterday. Here's a picture of it (yeah I'm enough of a geek to take pictures of my cameras):

Sure enough, the door with the Minox logo slides over the lens, protecting it from errant keys and such. It also comes with a nice cloth bag to keep it in.

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