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The \\
Last Cigarette:Sometime in the 1960s -- and I didn't inhale!
Last Alcoholic Drink:March, 2003
Last Car Ride:Today, to Logan airport
Last Kiss:Today, at Logain airport
Last Good Cry:About a week ago, reading Liberty Meadows, would ya believe it
Last Library Book:Um, been a while
Last book bought:But I Digress, by Peter David
Last Book Read:For the Love of Insects
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Napolean Dynamite
Last Movie Rented:Beauty and the Beast, work in progess, on laserdisc
Last Cuss Word Uttered:fuckers
Last Beverage Drank:distilled ice water
Last Food Consumed:goldfish klackers
Last Crush:katianna
Last Phone Call:phoned home to say the plane had landed safely
Last TV Show Watched:Junkyard Wars
Last Time Showered:this afternoon, once I woke up
Last Shoes Worn:black Reeboks -- totally nonmetallic, useful at airports
Last CD Played:Paul & Storm - Shame and Cookie Dough
Last Item Bought:Search and Rescue compass (Ranger Ultra)
Last Download:dt_cc (geographic transformation software) source
Last Annoyance:blatherskite
Last Disappointment:missing seeing people whilst in Boston
Last Soda Drank:Sprite on the plane to Boston
Last Thing Written:description of search/discovery of encrypted data modules
Last Key Used:post office box key
Last Words Spoken:"You should post that as a comment to Bill's post!"
Last Sleep:this afternoon, before I showered
Last Ice Cream Eaten:leftover birthday ice cream cake, as breakfast, this afternoon
Last Chair Sat In:rocking chair
Last Webpage Visited:

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