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Lighten up?

I got several negative reactions to my last silly post, and realized I had missed my mark badly.

I'm more musing aloud how I should deal with emotional problems in general, and trying for humorous effect (with a rigged fake quiz with unclickable answers). I may well have failed in that effort.

At first, I was going to make a long whiny comment about something that bothered me.

Then I thought maybe I should tell the whole world that I wanted to whine about stuff.

Then I thought maybe I should instead whine to the whole world -- except for the people involved. But I realized that this was tantamount to being whiny and bitchy and talking about people behind their backs.

Then I thought about doing so in vague terms, but realized that was as bad as the previous option, as well as being mealymouthed and cowardly.

After all this thinking, I realized I was in fact just being whiny, and considered posting the fact that I had planned a whiny post but reconsidered, and just post:

[long whiny post redacted]

But I realized that was whiny in itself, and rather puerile game playing, like "I've got a secret".

By then I was thoroughly disgusted with my whiny, childish, and theatrical nature. So I thought of posting a quiz, but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to know what other people thought -- especially if they disagreed with me.

I was really in a rut by then, but my geeky nature and my sense of humour came to the fore and I concocted a plan to produce a rigged "poll" to let people tell me what I wanted them to tell me. I was so distracted by my technical prowess that I didn't consider the possible effects of my post on other people.

So, it ended being both whiny and worrisome.

I apologise, everybody.


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