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As many of you are aware, people who collect things (books, dolls, music boxes, whatever) quickly realize the usefulness of good storage. In fact, the hunt for decent storage tools can absorb a noticable chunk of the collection-building time and funds.

Lego boxen

Here are some of the containers I use to store Legos.*

I'm far from the only person who has Lego-specific storage issues. See this guy's lego storage for just one example. However, vendors offer a variety of other products. RoboticsLearning offers a storage case specifically for the Lego Education kits #9797 and #9648. Target carries This Iris Project Case Chest complete with brightly colored storage boxes and a Lego building plate on top.

However, I'm always searching for more storage options. These Festool boxes with removable compartments snap together, along with other models in the line including various sizes, some with drawers, and even a rolling cart base. These are top-quality German engineering, and unfortunately priced accordingly.

However, let's not count out the creative folks in China. The folks at Sure Electronics offer some interesting and cost effective storage boxes. These are in various colors and sizes, snap together strongly in two dimensions (with spring latches to get them back apart easily), and include nice hinged latching clear (frosted) lids. They're also CHEAP ($2.10 for TWENTY of the little ones). I'm not kidding when I say they snap together strongly:

I snapped together that assemblage at random and carried it all over the house one-handed, no problem. It's about a meter off the floor in that picture.

* For those other storage geeks out there, on the left (blue with grey and orange trays) is a genuine Lego storage bin (W779001). Center rear is a Plano Molding model 737 tackle box†. Center front is a Plano 5230 Stow 'N Go. Right rear is a Lego Storage & Sorting Unit (851917 alas, no longer available from Lego, but here's one on eBay for $150 or you can pick one up from Amazon for $425). Right front is a Stanley Professional Deep Tool Organizer, with removable internal boxes and a lid that keeps 'em in place when closed. As a bonus, the lid latches carry a nice grip pattern reminiscent of Lego studs. I'm not the only one who likes these for Lego storage. There's also a "Fatmax" version available with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

† Note that there's a fair amount of room under the lid of the tackle box, where I tucked six more Plano 2-3500 ProLatch utility boxes:

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