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I went to reserve a hotel room, and there were no Marriott properties (which are all non-smoking these days) nearby. So I cast around a bit and found a reasonably well-reviewed Microtel. But the listing was a little baffling — it said all rooms include "Non-smoking only" as well as "Smoking permitted" [pic]. Okay, maybe that's the union of features available in the rooms, not an intersection. Beginner mistake. There was also a little writeup that said "All guestrooms ... are non-smoking." Maybe the "Smoking permitted" was just in error.

So I went to the room descriptions themselves, which led to more perplexity [pic]. Apparently they offer smoking rooms and non smoking rooms, so the "all guestrooms" statement is apparently bogus. I also noticed in the room description "breakfast not included". Up top, it had stated in two places that there is a complimentary breakfast. Looking further, it also says "This hotel does not offer any accessibility features", but they also take reservations for accessible rooms. Hm.

I called them up to clarify this, and they insisted they'd "escalate this confusing issue". We shall see. Originally posted at comment count unavailable comments

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