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Wassup wif dis, Adobe?

I log in to the work machine, and get a popup saying there's an update to Adobe Flash Player. The "Quit" button is enabled, and the "Install" button is greyed out. The text says to check the box saying I've read the license agreement to install. Okay, sure, I'll look over the license agreement. I click on the link but I don't just get the license agreement in another window. It lights off the web browser to this huge page of license agreements for every product Adobe has ever offered. I poke around until I find "Adobe Flash Player", and then I have to choose the right version. I'm getting annoyed by now. I go back to the install popup and see that it's offering version 10.1. So I got back to the web browser, find the link for the 10.1 agreement for flash player. I click on it. It's a huge PDF, more than 3MB! I'm used to single paragraph MICROS~1 office documents being in the megabytes, but PDF is supposed to be better behaved. Then it fails to download. You know what, Adobe? I don't need flash player. I'm tempted to go buy an iPhone just to spite you for this nonsense. Originally posted at comment count unavailable comments
Tags: fail, legal, software

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