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There's a reason I like Safari

I've been using several web browsers for some time, as different ones have different strengths. However, my main browser for quite some time now has been Apple's Safari. The main reason I like this browser is that it gives me control. If I want to yoink a picture of video, it's easy enough to do, even if the site tries to prevent this. And Safari 5 has just been released, and it includes a dandy new feature. Many magazine and similar sites make me page through an article a chunk at a time, waiting for dozens of scam ads to load1. The Instructables site goes even farther, asking for money to view an article all at once. But Safari now lets me sidestep all that nonsense. Just engage "Reader" mode with ⇧⌘R and it inhales all the pages of the article, with the pictures but without the ads2, and lets me scroll through it all in one go. And that is a beautiful thing. Thanks Apple!

1 "Mom in low earth orbit discovers tooth whitening secret!", "Low earth orbit: Acai Berry EXPOSED", etc.
2 People might object that I'm "stealing" by viewing content without looking at the ads. I am unapologetic about this. I do it with broadcast TV too. And I'm not alone — I read an article recently that states the web is basically supported by <10% of the people using it. I'm fine with that. Originally posted at comment count unavailable comments

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