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New terror alert status codes

Government studies have revealed that the existing terror alert level doesn't communicate sufficient information for people to actively avoid particular dangers, and the code words are not particularly intuitive. Given that the level doesn't change much either, people tend to ignore it.

Therefore a new system has been designed to be simple, easy to remember, and intuitive.  Green for travel, red for public places, etc.  Mapping by saturation, pink will indicate a low level of threat, red higher.

These will then be (subtractively) mixed to produce the final color coded terror threat level indication.  Puce would indicate foo, ecru bar, and teal bazz.  White indicates no expected threat.  Black indicates all possible threats are expected everywhere, immediately.

After extensive analysis, it has been determined that a subset of all the possible colors will nicely cover all the likely combinations of risks.  Looking at the chart, you can easily see that a status of `cerulean' means that you might want to avoid taking water-based transportation to Chad, Malta, Uruguay, or Mozambique.  However, a visit to a national monument would entail little risk.

Note: colors are approximate and may not be correct, depending on browser and computer setup and capabilities.

Here is the optimized chart for everyday use. This will cover approximately 83% of expected conditions.


travel                      off-white                                                    pumpkin                                                    bistre                                                    alizarin                                                    piceous                                                    gamboge                              
personal                      ochre                                                    eggplant                                                    peach                                                    chocolate                                                    malachite                                                    wine                              
property                      platinum                                                    rouge                                                    sienna                                                    cobalt                                                    sere                                                    silver                              
public                      apricot                                                    violet                                                    sienna                                                    turquoise                                                    yellow                                                    sand                              
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