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There, I fixed it × 2

A few weeks ago, my PlayStation 2 died. I frowned at it, and figured I'd just go to the store and buy another one. [profile] fizzygeek looked surprised and asked me "Aren't you going to even try to fix it? If it's dead anyway, you can't make it any worse!". Chagrined, I realized she was completely right. I did some "research" on the internet and found that there was a common failure mode that might be easy to fix. There's a small gear-shaped adjuster in the laser assembly that changes the laser axis ever so slightly. The teeth on the gear engage a springloaded pawl, providing detents. So I took a small screwdriver and adjusted it one tick clockwise. And it started working! So I thanked [profile] fizzygeek, put it back together, and have been enjoying it ever since (Taiko Drum Master!).

As I mentioned yesterday, I got a scanner via Freecycle. But I don't like that scanner, it blinks abominably in an attempt to annoy me into buying it expensive ink prezzies. Also, once it came up to room temperature, I realized it reeked of old tobacco smoke. Out onto the porch it went.

I got an email from Epson this morning offering me a refurb V500 for $134. I considered it, then looked on Amazon, to find I could buy a brand new one for $200 now (I don't know if this was serendipity, or Amazon's price engine realizing what I was up to and adjusting prices accordingly). Or I could get a V600 (which has optics for scanning non-flat 3D objects) for $12 more. And the "today only" free standard shipping offer was still in force. *click* Uh-oh, expected delivery March 15. Free standard shipping isn't very useful with a 2-month lead time.

I mentioned yesterday that my original scanner had shuddered through a single preview scan, then started to make unhappy noises and eventually refused to scan at all, unhappily blinking its lights at me. [profile] fizzygeek asked "Are you going to try to fix it?" So I took it apart and looked at all the pieces. This turned out not to be necessary. Musing on it in the shower this morning, I realized that the slippage wasn't because the connection to the carriage was loose, it was because the carriage was too hard to move. Accordingly, when I got home from work tonight, I put it all back together and cleaned the guide rod. Sure enough, it was covered with old hard grease. With that removed, the scanner works again!

Then I get email from Amazon. My (now 3rd) scanner is now scheduled to arrive January 20.

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