Spam (madbodger) wrote,

Bizarro eBay auction

This eBay auction for "Copyright For Sale - INNOVATIONMAN New Art Diamond Gold" with an asking price of $21 million makes amusing (if whacko) reading.


large If marble canal who cover 7 covers the ball of energy.
Such as the criminal groups that Like hydrogen. Hydrogen is 25% men and women have a body containing hydrogen.
101% human spirit, ghost or analog electromagnetic wave and Plaggansakis Plagganhlns. The live trees and mountains. To maintain that the existence of the analog soul.
Fly to see a beehive and has a bitmap inside the eye can see a night-owl. Infrared and find objects that look coordinates with sequin advanced degree of range of voice and eyes.
Power body player Ceramic ตัวละคร ที่มีพลังร่างกายเป็น เซลามิก

Wait, what?


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