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This could cut both ways

Many builders are selling new houses with (non optional) CCRs that preclude amateur radio antennae as well as evil homeowners' associations. Because of this, more and more of the available housing has these restrictions on it. It occurred to me that I could fight this trend by, when I sell my house, adding my own CCR requiring that amateur radio antennae be allowed, along with the usual clause that when the house is resold, the CCR continues in force.

To make it better, I think I'll add a further requirement that the property never be subject to an HOA. That way, the HOA lawyers (who are fierce and well paid) will be motivated to find a way to break a CCR (which, since people have "voluntarily" signed away their rights, are generally considered unbreakable). Once the precedent has been set, radio amateurs everywhere will have grounds to overturn the stupid CCRs they've been saddled with.

If people start doing this, and refusing to buy houses with CCRs and HOAs, thereby diminishing their market value, perhaps the money-grubbing developers will rethink their evil ways.

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