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iPhoto 9 with face recognition!

I was watching TV the other night, and saw an ad about the face recognition in iPhoto 9. I have a copy, but hadn't been aware of that feature, so I went off to play with it. It's actually surprisingly good, and makes guesses of people's faces fairly well, even at odd orientation, partially obscured, bad lighting, poor focus, etc. A quick way to catalogue a lot of photographs by who is in them.

not Keri Russell
As I have photographs containing my friends and family as well as celebrities, the opportunities for mismatch are rife. iPhoto does do a good job of recognizing faces sideways and upside down, by the way.

not Jude
Um, no.

not Dorothy
Dorothy is also as cute as a button, but this is Jessica Alba.

Jamie Lynn Spears, duh
I take it iPhoto does not include text recognition, or this would have been a giveaway.

wax Liberace
Bwahahaha so not!

not Jamie Lynn, no
It nailed me so well it didn't even have to ask. The girl, however appealing, is not Jamie Lynn.

I tried one of the cast of Zoey 101:
Not Amy, not even close.
Well, it got Jamie Lynn right for once. But wha?

Still not Jamie Lynn
This program seems to share my fondness for Jamie Lynn, but this is just wrong.

Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog!
Bzzzt! Zero for four. Try as I may, I can't see the similarity between Piper Perabo and Nisha.

certainly not Sean Flynn
Oh, come on! That's not even human!

so very not Matthew Underwood
Dude. Not even close. Sheesh!

not Kurt Busch
Okay, at least I can see where it got confused here. Kurt, you see, wears similar dark glasses:
Kurt Busch

not Pete Fauconnet
No, but thank you for playing.

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