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Mirroring monitors

For a demo today, some people wanted me to "mirror" their monitors, so the screen showed the same content as the projector connected to the other video output. I got a quick lesson in the difference between technologies.

How to mirror displays


  1. Right click on the desktop, menu pops up
  2. Select "Properties", window opens
  3. Click on "Settings" tab
  4. Click on "Advanced" button (screen blanks temporarily)
  5. Click on "GeForce" tab
  6. Click on "run Nvidia configuration" button (screen blanks temporarily, new window opens)
  7. Select "Multiple Screen Configuration" in the left navigation bar
  8. Click on "Clone Displays" radio button (screen blanks temporarily, projector loses synch)
  9. Click on "Okay" (configuration window closes)
  10. Click on "Cancel" in Advanced properties window (window closes)
  11. Click on "Cancel" in Properties window (window closes)
  12. Right click on the desktop, menu pops up
  13. Select "Properties", window opens
  14. Click on "Settings" tab
  15. Reset screen resolution (projector regains synch, new window pops up)
  16. Click on "Yes" to accept new resolution and close window
  17. Click on "Okay" to close Properties window

Many steps and three programs later, screens are mirrored.

MacOS X:

Press F7
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