Spam (madbodger) wrote,

Hal Sparks, Serenity, Dr. Horrible at the Drafthouse!

Hey, there are two fun events coming up at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse!

Saturday, June 27 at 1PM:
The Annual Can’t Stop the Serenity Charity Screening - Double-Feature!
With Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on the big screen, and see the trailer for Browncoats: Redemption!

Friday, August 7 and Saturday, August 8 at 9:45PM:
Hal Sparks Live
We love us some Hal Sparks! Gamer, actor, comedian, all-around fun guy, [info]fizzygeek and I will be there to see him Saturday with bells on!

In other news, the Hannah Montana movie is screening there tomorrow (Monday) for $1...

Tags: movies

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