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A while ago, we acquired a miniature orange tree, which lived in the bathroom, enjoying the humidity and the south facing window. WEventually, it bore fruit, but they were sour! We did some research, and found out that it was a Calamondin orange (Citrofortunella mitis). Then fizzygeek had an interesting idea. Being as we had a very sour citrus fruit, perhaps we could use the juice instead of key lime juice in orkney's recipe, and make an interesting variant of key lime pie! So she collected the tiny sour fruits and juiced them, freezing the juice. Eventually she accumulated about half a cup of juice, and rounded up some graham cracker tart shells, and made enough filling for seven miniature pies. We had some leftover brown sugar whipped cream from a holiday party. Finally, many moons after we first hatched the idea, we got to try the first one. And the experiment was a success! The little pies are quite yummy, with a distinctive taste all their own. Yum!
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