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A powerful play

I went to see David Auburn's Proof last night. It's a powerful play about mathematicians, ideas, relationships, life and death. A similar feel to Jeremy Levin's book and movie Creator. Just four characters, and some very energetic staging. Danica McKellar provided a very involving lead, beautifully complementing Sam Woodhouse's enormous stage presence as her father. It turns out she's actually an accomplished mathematician in her own right, with a published theorem to her credit. I met her after the show, she's lovely in person, and unexpectedly tiny -- it's to her credit that this wasn't obvious on-stage (even next to Sam, who is imposingly tall) except in a flashback vignette where she effortlessly shed ten years and was a thoroughly convincing teenager.

Dealing as it does with death and its effects on people, it hit me particularly hard, as I'm still coming to terms with the fact that my dear sweet cat is dying of FIV. Still, it's an invigorated melancholy, if you know what I mean, which sure beats the whipped feeling I've had of late.


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