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In an earlier post, I wondered aloud what I should do with a gift I'd gotten someone before our circumstances (apparently) changed. Several comments to this post really clarified my thinking. As jasra, chesuli, leiacat, jorjedatoy, and skipernicus reminded me in various ways, I'm not the sort to get someone a gift because of some date on a calendar or expecting anything in return. I tend to get people gifts because I find something that strikes me as something they would enjoy. And this, naturally, doesn't vary depending on the relationship I have with them*. This was also driven home by the great fun I had giving an assortment of people, from close friends to random LJ acquaintances, a variety of gifts recently.

Gift giving can be quite the puzzle. I like giving people something special, that's just for them, ideally something that they wouldn't have otherwise. This is tricky, but a wonderful thing when I manage it. I like making people happy.

Therefore, I shall take these things I chose because I thought specific people would enjoy them, and send them to those people, and hope they're enjoyed. Thanks everybody!

I'll also give an example of such a gift. I was at a store once, and saw a bunch of Hallowe'en decorations that were no longer seasonal, off the beaten path. One was a snow globe type thing, but the "snow" was tiny black bats. Swirling it around caused a nifty effect of bats swirling around. Just the sort of thing fizzygeek would enjoy. So I bought it for her. She was thrilled, it made her day.

* Unless the gift is actually relationship-specific (which is rare in my experience) or I no longer like the person (even rarer, I'm still on good terms with most of the people I've ever dated).

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