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Occasionally, I'll see a picture of someone that reminds me of someone I know. For your amusement, I've decided to collect a few pictures that remind me of various people on my friends list. I'm not saying who looks like whom, just a quick writeup about the people depicted.

Gaia Vince, deputy editor of

Christy Reed, science coordinator for the 3-D Imax film Aliens of the Deep, posing inside one of the Deep Rover submersibles used in filming.

Chlöe Sevigny, actress, seen in such films as Party Monster (with Seth Green) and Boys Don't Cry (with Hilary Swank).

Paula Gross, gamer.

Emily Browning, actress, from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (with Jim Carrey), and the upcoming The Uninvited.

Megan Byrd, dressed as Dark Phoenix at Chicago Comic Con.

Megan Handley, art geek, fond of sharpies, Dreamweaver, Steve Jobs, and 733+ $p34k.

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