Spam (madbodger) wrote,

Meeting fronds in RL!

fizzygeek and I made it to Tubac, where we met up with ayasdollz and keighsie! Much fun was had. Four cameras, four goofy people, historic buildings, art, food, music! Then we went to Tumacacori for more of the same (with most-excellent travelling music courtesy of soundtrack CDs). I'm so tempted to say they sparkled, except I saw them in the sun, but ayasdollz beat me to it (although I read her post after I had composed this one). There was good conversation, giggling, discoveries of shared interests, and somehow powdered sugar got on everybody. keighsie wore the jeans she had made (they look smashing on her), and ayasdollz was good behind the camera as well as in front of it. A good day.

That brings to four (including valancy17 and sihaya09) people I met online, then in real life, for this year. dr_tectonic and alienor were near misses, but the year's not up yet!

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