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And now, a content-free post

Since I don't have anything deep for you today, I'll go with humourous screenshots.

I'll lead off with a few old favourite LJ juxtapositions:

And these web pages of massive fail:

TiVo cursing ComCast:

Build your own woman on eBay:

Home Depot offering an Online Special that's unavailable online!

A wonderful sale price that's more than the original price!

And now for the new stuff!

This gem from the Papa John's web ordering page, where they don't specify what spice:

Amazon trying their best to convince me to use more expensive shipping:

Amazon telling me I can save 100%!

DirecWay showing me how my internet connection is already as fast as it can get!

LJ telling me that I'm Mr. Lawrence!

My harman/kardon iPod interface mangling Sheryl Crow:

Google Groups makes some suggestions (thanks to merde for this one):

Google Image Search makes me splutter: Word Of The Day makes us blink:

EBay offers to enlarge an enlarging lense:

My own company botches a training exercise on implementing automated spellchecking:

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