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What I did on my summer vacation

Actually, I didn't have a summer vacation as such, but I did get out for some fun while I was in Pittsburgh for training. As r_ness and bedfull_o_books were available, I decided to stay the weekend, have fizzygeek fly out to meet me, and we could all go to Kennywood for a good time. Like the time we went to an amusement park with cereselle and her sweetie, we planned to split up, so the folks who enjoyed the more intense rides could do so, and the others could hang out and socialize. Didn't quite work out that way due to miscommunication, but we had a good time anyway.

Here are bedfull_o_books and I on this crazy rocking spinning thing that she insists should be parked in her backyard.

There are many decorative things at Kennywood.

We got to ride the wondrous Dentzel carousel and hear the Wurlitzer band organ playing a great assortment of fun tunes (old TV show theme songs, classical, dances, marches, etc.). Not that I'm a carousel or mechanical music geek or anything.

I got to admire the big motors that pull the roller coaster cars up, along with their big clanky chains and massive spring-loaded tensioners that absorb the jolt of the cars starting up the slope. Not that I'm a machinery geek or anything.

I also couldn't help noticing the sign wiring for the TumbleBug ride, not that I'm a neon or electricity geek or anything.

It turns out fizzygeek's flight got delayed by weather, so she ended up staying up all night and connecting through Boston. So I had some slack time in the hotel room while she caught up on sleep.

So I amused myself. Me, a geek?

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