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New house!

I've mentioned the new house a couple of times, but I figured I should share a few pics.

The front foyer, and a nice view of the front stairway. The bench in front of the stairs hinges open for extra storage! We've already replaced the shade on the lamp overhead with a much nicer one we picked up at a rummage sale (2 for $1, and they're really nice). I was using the fisheye lense for these shots, so they're somewhat distorted. That's the price I pay for getting a fair chunk of a room in a single picture.

The kitchen. It's not too big, but it's workable. There's also a very nice pantry tucked between it and the dining room. The decorated tile counter is nifty.

Another view of the kitchen, including the back stairs.

The largest of the bedrooms. We'll probably use it as a music/craft room. As I did with the previous house, I'll use the smallest bedroom for the actual bed. Room for sleeping, but not much else. No light or light switch in this room.

This house includes upstairs and downstairs enclosed porches, added on. The upstairs one will be for overwintering plants and storage. The person in the doorway is the realtor. The downstairs one will serve as additional pantry space, a place for the second fridge, and the pinball machines. It's not really quite as long as it looks in this picture. No light or light switch here either.

The attic is quite spacious, and has great long clothesrods on three sides. Useful.

Another shot of the attic.

Even though we are still in the process of moving in, we're making changes and improvements all over the place. This is the Sputnik lamp I've wanted to hang for a very long time, lamped with Tivoli bulbs. It turns out that my full case of 25 bulbs wasn't enough for all 31 arms.

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