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To better serve you, we're taking away services and adding advertising!

I just got this dilly from Verizon Yahoo:

To better serve you, we're focusing our efforts on providing you with a more powerful, personalized Internet experience.

You will soon begin seeing advertisements in your Verizon Yahoo! Mail service. Advertising allows us to deliver new and innovative services and helps us keep prices competitive. As we remain committed to providing users with the best possible online experience, the new advertisements will be carefully integrated, with the goal of being useful to you.

Also, after careful consideration, some of the premium services associated with your Verizon Yahoo! account, like Verizon Yahoo! Online Protection all-in-one security suite, will be discontinued before the end of this year. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, but believe they will allow us to bring you exciting new features that will continue to enhance your Verizon Yahoo! online experience.

So to sum up, you're going to enhance my online experience by adding "useful to you" ads (I'm guessing fake Rolexes, overseas pharmacies, mortgage "deals", Russian brides, and phishing), and taking away premium features. I'm so excited!

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