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The new computer showed up today! I got a great deal on a Compaq Presario on TV, complete with a monitor and everything. It all plugged together and just worked on the first try. It came with Windows XP and Compaq gave me a free copy of Office, so all I needed to have everything I'm used to was a copy of Visual Studio, which didn't cost much.

Now for the big news. I have found my soulmate! I met her over LJ, and we haven't even seen each other face to face yet, but we both understand we're meant for each other. So golemkennels and I will be getting married in a HUGE ceremony in the cathedral in Philadelphia in June! Everybody is invited. We're monogamous now, so sorry girls, I'm off the market! Once we get married, we'll be buying a house in Boston and start having children immediately, as I'll be too old to raise them soon. I've accepted an offer at Akamai and will be starting in August.

Anybody want some old laserdiscs, lasers, and pinball machines?

List of stuff I'm giving away is here:

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