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Two and a half years ago, I posted that I was debt-free. I've been debt-free ever since. Until today, when [profile] fizzygeek and I spent the afternoon with an attorney. Now we have a mortgage. And to go with it, a house.

It's a nice old farmhouse on 5 acres in Lovettsville, with a nice little creek running through the property. It's out on the edge of town, and they're planning on building a park in some land out behind the neighboring farmer's fields. The previous owners have done some beautiful work on the house, bringing the second floor bathroom up into the attic, giving it a higher ceiling and more light. They've added on a spacious kitchen/breakfast nook with a vaulted ceiling and skylights. There's a deck out back, surrounding a tree. There's a nice little sun porch, lots of built-in shelves, a finished basement, a cedar closet, and a fire pit. The yard has plenty of plantings of native plants, and is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and a Certified Bird Friendly Habitat. Fizzygeek will get to indulge her green thumb.

from driveway from fire pit fire pit creek kitchen built-in shelves

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Congratulations! Yay new house!!
Congratulations! It looks beautiful.
Congratulations on the new house.

Yay! Glad it all went smoothly. Congrats!
Hooray! It looks lovely.
Looks gorgeous, congratulations!

Deleted comment

What a lovely house!
It looks nice, but you left out the important detail. Does it have a workshop/lair for a mad scientist?
It has a finished basement that's a little smaller than my current one, but I think I can make it work. Most of the "lab" is in a back room of the current basement, and should fit easily enough. The rest of it is storage, and I'm planning on buying a shed to put out back and run power to it to act as additional storage and a workshop. I'm also in the process of outcrufting and condensing (why store an entire broken laserdisc player when I just want the laser out of it).
Is there something special about the laser in a laserdisc player?
These are old ones with nice 5mW polarized HeNe lasers, along with matching power supplies, galvos, etc.


4 years ago

Congratulations - This is BEAUTIFUL! I love your kitchen!!
Landed Gentry!

Also, that's a very nice house, congratulations.
Looks fantastic! Congrats!!
Lovely place! Congrats!
Most excellent! Congrats!
Amazing! Congratulations! Enjoy it in good health!
Beautiful. Congrats.

If Fizzygeek wants any Hostas or more daffys, let me know. I may try to thin my daffys this weekend and can save the bulbs for her. My hostas are big but wouldn't object to being thinned if it would help. That can be almost any year (I have heard from others that it takes about 3 years for the base to return to a plant that is just over 3' wide after being divided into 5ths).

I looked at the kitchen cabinets and pictured a cat lurking up there (Feste is good at that trick).

You! You!
Well done! It looks lovely.
I hardly know you, but congrats! A few years ago we bought our first house near Pittsburgh and now we're looking for a nearby lot or a upgradable house within a slightly larger range. We'd like at least an acre, more like five if you ask me, but it's still worth the longer-term debt when you can get a decent loan.

If you have some copious free time, please post about how you found this particular lot.
Actually, 'twas fizzygeek that found this particular one. She'd seen it a while back, but it was out of our price range. When they reduced the asking price, we pounced on it. We had gotten pre-approved by the lender, so we could move fast. I think we were out there the very next day to see it (our realtor wasn't available, but sent us out with someone she works with). When we went to finalize it, the lender asked me if I wanted to lock-in the current interest rate. I eyeballed the trend and did so, which paid off nicely, the rate has gone up noticeably between then and closing. We've gotten a lot of use out of for scouting for potential properties. We looked at a bunch of places before this one, and nearly bought another one, but it didn't feel right, so we reluctantly let it go. Fortunately, that turned out to be the right thing to do.
Congratulations on the new house. And congratulations about the mortgage rate. Given the trends this month, I'm wondering if I should re-fi now or just wait for the next installment of Our Dumb Economic Crisis to push rates back down again. Decisions, decisions.